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  • Preserving Hayden’s small-town feel

  • Protecting private property rights

  • No tax money to pay for new growth

Vote November 2, 2021

Hayden City Council

Preserving Hayden’s small-town feel

We need to slow the residential growth rate and solve the traffic congestion issues, aquifer, and power grid issues in order to preserve the Hayden we love to live in.

Protecting private property rights

The City of Hayden’s “2040 Comprehensive Plan'' is causing a massive rezoning that facilitates density and growth. Also, I believe that removing your zone and/or placing your home in a new zone without your consent is a violation of your private property rights and must be stopped. This fits into the Future Land Use Map for the city, but we don't know the long range effect it will have on us and our property.

No tax money to pay for new growth

There should be no increase in your taxes to pay for more people to move into Hayden.

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