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City Of Hayden Transparency Party

August 8, 2023

12:00 PM- Hayden Urban Renewal Special Meeting and Executive Session

2:00 PM- Hayden City Council Special Meeting (FLUM and Survey)

5:00 PM- Hayden City Council Regular Meeting and Executive Session

Tuesday, August 8, HURA and the Hayden City Council have 3 very important meetings back to back. The first two meetings will probably not be video taped by the city and the third meeting has an executive session followed by and important action item at the end.

I'm calling it a "Transparency Party" because I have tried to get all of the meetings recorded for the sake of convenience and transparency, but no one else will back me up.

Another reason for a "Transparency Party" is because of the executive sessions followed by decisions. Most people don't hang around after an executive session but I'd like to encourage people to stay until the end.

I know that it makes for a long day, but feel free to do what you can. Come for part of the day or be prepared to spend the whole 8 hours!

I will bring bottled water and some cookies to share.

Bring a thick cushion to sit on and some snacks to share as well.

It's my pleasure to serve you on the City Council and I hope to see you there.

Let's make a day of it!

Love, Sandy

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