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February 13, 2024 Hayden City Council Meeting

February, 2024


8930 N Government Way, Hayden


1. CONSENT CALENDAR All items on the Consent Calendar are Action Items

1.A. Approval of January 23, 2024 City Council Meeting Minutes

1.B. Acceptance of Bridgewater Holdings, LLC Dedication of Right-of-Way and Grant of Easement

Attachments: (1)

1.C. Acceptance of Hayden Lake Aerie #4080 Fraternal Order of Eagles Inc Dedication of Right-of-Way and Grant of Easement

Attachments: (1)

1.D. Approval of 2024 Alta Dance Academy Contractual Services Agreement

Attachments: (1)

1.E. Approval of 2024-2025 Lake City Figure Skating Contractual Services Agreement

Attachments: (1)

1.F. Approval of 2024 Hayden Summer Concert Series Agreement with Michael Koep dba Koep Concerts

Attachments: (1)

1.G. Approval of PZE-22-0129 Trail Creek Estates Preliminary Plat and Private Road Request Written Decision of City Council Approval of the Request with Conditions of Approval

Attachments: (1)

1.H. Approval of Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Upgrades Payment Request

Attachments: (1)

1.I. Approval of Newmax, LLC dba Intermax Networks Internal Data and Voice Commercial-Enterprise Service Agreement

Attachments: (1)

1.J. Approval of Welch Comer Engineers, Inc. Amendment 1 Authorizing Contract Time Extension for the Hayden/Ramsey Roundabout Design

Attachments: (1)

1.K. Ratification of the January 2024 Payroll

Attachments: (1)

1.L. Ratification of Bills Paid on 1/31/24

Attachments: (1)

1.M. Approval of Bills for Payment

Attachments: (1)

2. VISITOR/PUBLIC COMMENT on Non-Agenda Items (3-minutes maximum)

3. PUBLIC HEARING (Public Testimony will be received for these items)

3.A. ACTION ITEM PZE-23-0140 Request to Terminate Zone Development Agreement by Michael and Kirsten Nelte affecting two lots on the northeast corner of West Orchard Avenue and North Ramsey Road.

Attachments: (1)


4.A. ACTION ITEM Hayden Sky PPUD deliberations- request by staff to motion to remand file back to Staff to prepare requested analysis and notice for public hearing. 

4.B. ACTION ITEM Approval of Redwood Haven Final Plat and Acceptance of Infrastructure

Attachments: (1)


5.A. ACTION ITEM Consider Come Together Public Bench Program and Request for Funding from Hayden Urban Renewal Agency

Attachments: (1)

5.B. ACTION ITEM Appointment of City Representation on Outside Boards

Attachments: (1)

5.C. ACTION ITEM Endorsement and Letter of Support for the HELPER ACT - Homes for Every Local Protector, Educator, and Responder

Attachments: (2)

Please come and take part in the meeting. I really appreciate everyone who comes.

Sandy White

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