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February 28- It's going to be another long one...

Tuesday, February 28 The Hayden City Council will be having a workshop and executive session at 3PM (not to be video recorded) and the regularly scheduled meeting at 5PM (will be video recorded). The agendas can be found on boardbook:

Some of the major topics for the 3PM workshop will be the H-6/H-7 Sewer Basin Study Technical Memorandum and the Ramsey Road Phase II Gravity Sewer - Roadway Alignment as well as Council Priority of Projects for Staff and an executive session. The major topics for the 5PM meeting will be a report from the Veteran's Commission, a public hearing on Vacation of Flame and Cork Plat, and a public hearing on one Text Amendment to the Standards of a Zone Map/Text Amendment and Formatting Change to Existing Code Format in Title 11.

It will be long evening, so bring a snack and come for the long haul. Citizen participation is key.

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