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Hayden City Council Meeting Recap

The Hayden City Council had a lengthy discussion at our March 12, 2024 meeting regarding the Hayden Sky Preliminary Planned Unit Development (PPUD) proposed to go on the North Eastern corner of Hayden Avenue and Huetter Road. The room was pretty crowded and there were two tv cameras there as well.

At present, the 127 acre property is zoned single-family and could have 4 houses per acre on 111 acres plus 15 acres of park. Instead of that, the applicant is requesting a Planned Unit Development which allows for different kinds of homes on smaller lots. I’ve included a conceptual drawing of the proposed project showing the 127 acre site that could have 412 dwelling units of varying shapes and sizes, 15 acres of park land, and 8.4 acres of storage units.

There was also a Condition of Approval that was added by the Planning & Zoning commission:

“The application for Final Planned Unit Development shall provide documentation that the applicant/developer/owner has contacted Connect Kootenai and possibly others in order to provide for a method to making a portion of the proposed housing available to actual residents of the community.”

Before the final vote, I requested that the condition be dropped for 3 reasons:

  1. The Hayden City Council has chosen to NOT partner with Connect Kootenai in the past.

  2. Connect Kootenai no longer exists.

  3. The actual wording of the condition wasn’t clear.

The end result was that we voted as follows:

1. All four council members agreed to drop the Connect Kootenai Condition of approval (vote 4-0).

2. Hayden Sky PPUD passed (vote 3-2).

Council Members Shafer and myself (White) voted against it while Council Members Roetter and DePriest were in favor. Mayor Davis broke the tie in favor.

So the Hayden Sky PPUD passed without the stipulation of having to contact Connect Kootenai.

Here’s a link to the final 2 minutes of voting starting at time stamp 3:19:30

Here's a link to the agenda and documents:

Here's a link to the report on KREM news:


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