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Hayden Planning & Zoning February 5

Hayden Planning & Zoning

February 5, 2024


8930 N Government Way, Hayden

This discussion regarding alterations to the 2040 Comp Plan and Future Land Use Map are ongoing and seem to be hard to follow. That being said, your involvement is key in helping us to make the right decisions.

The existing vision statement on page 5 says:

"Hayden is a regionally connected city with a small-town feel, defined by responsible growth and planning. The city maintains strong systems that align with the values of its citizens, including top-tier K-12 schools, an efficient roadway system that manages traffic well, and plentiful open space. The city maintains a small-town feel by concentrating high-impact development at nodes and along corridors and preserving natural open space. The city also encourages a small-business culture to enhance and encourage a healthy, connected, family-friendly community."

The vision statement being proposed by the Planning & Zoning Commission at present says:

"Hayden is a well-managed Idaho town that prioritizes responsible growth and mature infrastructure planning practices to provide a variety of housing options, to encourage small business , and to protect her natural resources."

The new proposed statement is much shorter but it has removed "small-town feel", "values of the citizens", and "family-friendly community" and is emphasizing "housing options".

  • What are your thoughts on these proposed changes?

  • Do you feel like these changes will effect the direction that Hayden is headed?

  • If you could write your own vision statement for Hayden, what would it say?

  • Also, how do you feel about established properties being rezoned in the Future Land Use Map?

  • What zone is your home under?

Writing to us or talking to us in person is the best way to communicate what you are thinking as some of these workshops don't allow for public comment.

I look forward to seeing you in the meeting and hearing from you.

Councilwoman Sandy White

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