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Hayden Planning & Zoning- November 27, 2023 at 5 PM

It seems that this is the last Planning and Zoning meeting for the year with the primary action item being the Richards Conditional Use Permit for a business called First and Third:

"Our goal here at First and Third is to provide a safe and fun environment where

baseball and soball players in the city of Hayden can build on essenal skills for

long-term success. Our Mission is to provide the foundaon of trust and safety

teams need to create great cultures for their most essenal resource, their


This is a Public Hearing and public comment is permitted.

The final item on the agenda is a workshop about possible Comprehensive Plan amendments, but this is not an action item, so no decisions will be made.

Sandy White

4.A. PZE-23-0122 Richards Conditional Use Permit (ACTION ITEM) Attachments: (1)

5.A. Community Development Director's Report

6. WORKSHOP: Continue discussion of PZC regarding possible Comprehensive Plan amendments

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