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As a recap of the December 5 Hayden Urban Renewal (HURA) Open House for the topic of the expansion of HURA, first of all I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to the almost 30 people who came and participated. It says a lot when people are willing to go out on a cold December evening to address issues in their city. I’m especially impressed at how many came out because this Open House wasn’t noticed like our other meetings usually are. So THANK YOU!

Based on our discussions in City Council, most notably on November 14, I pictured this meeting as a time when the people could come and just let the City Council members know what they were thinking about the expansion, ask questions about the individual projects, and share their views. I must say I was surprised when I got to City Hall and realized that there must have been a misunderstanding, because HURA members were there addressing questions and defending the expansion. I felt like it took the focus away from the main purpose of the evening and my being able to just listen to your concerns. But in spite of that, I enjoyed each and every conversation I had.

At the Open House, there were two different posters set out on easels that were the jump-off points for conversations. I’ve included pictures of them here. Please take a look at them and feel free to ask me questions.

One concerned citizen that came brought a handout of an article regarding the HURA expansion ( ). I thought I’d share that with those of you who couldn’t come.

I still have concerns about the expansion and am hesitant to move forward with it, especially due to the fact that HURA makes no promises or contracts with the city. I’m here to protect your interests and I am concerned about the unknowns and risks involved.

Again, thank you so much for those of you who took the time to come and share your concerns. I will be reading over your comments. I truly feel like Hayden is a city rich in citizens who care about what’s going on in their city. Please feel free to write to me with further comments, especially about what’s on the posters.

Hayden Councilwoman Sandy White

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