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I See A Sign!

My sweet husband and I went out in the rain the other day to start putting up signs for my re-election for Precinct 318 Committeeman (PC). I'm so grateful to my kind neighbors who allowed me to park my signs on their fences!

As my race for re-election for Precinct 318 Committeeman begins, I look forward to more opportunities to get out and connect with you all.  I had the pleasure of organizing and hosting the Presidential Caucus for 6 precincts on March 2nd at Grace Bible Church and enjoyed seeing and meeting many of you there.

I hope to continue to have the honor of being your PC in Precinct 318 and being your representative to the Republican Party. I will continue to be active in assisting truly dedicated Republican candidates campaign in the upcoming elections and I will continue to bring their information to your doorstep or mailbox.

I will be posting more about the May 21st election, explaining more about the duties of a PC, and why it's important to vote for a PC who truly embraces the Republican Platform. Your neighborhood PC is the one who brings you voter information and keeps you up to date on the elections.

It doesn't matter where you live in Kootenai County, you have a PC who is also running for re-election. Please let me know if you have a yard that would welcome a sign and I'll put you in touch with your PC.

Please  continue to check here for more updates!

Sandy White

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