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Update on Important Bulletin

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

This will be on the agenda tonight in Hayden...

Idaho Statute 74-204: NOTICE OF MEETINGS — AGENDAS.

(1) ...The notice requirement for meetings and agendas shall be satisfied by posting such notices and agendas in a prominent place at the principal office of the public agency or, if no such office exists, at the building where the meeting is to be held.

Did you know that the Hayden City Hall has a bulletin board where agendas of upcoming meetings are posted? Well there is one and it's in the hallway right as you come in the front door.

A few months ago I went to City Hall to pick up my meeting agenda on a Saturday morning. I have a key so I let myself into the building, and as I was walking down the hall I glanced at the bulletin board that is in the hallway and I saw a notice for a special Hayden Urban Renewal Agency (HURA) meeting. The meeting was being held on a Tuesday afternoon rather than the usual Monday. It occurred to me that if I hadn't been able to see the bulletin board then I wouldn't have heard about the meeting as HURA meetings are only posted on their own website. It was then that I realized the City wasn't being transparent and that our bulletin board was out of compliance. This board for posting meeting agendas is hidden behind locked doors. I addressed the issue with the city manager and have now brought it before the Council in the last Meeting and this should be remedied soon.

I know that in this day and age, very few people would think to look at a bulletin board, but it is in Idaho code after-all. The board is also used by a few other agencies. So the next time you come to City Hall, take a look and see what's posted on the bulletin board. This is a small detail, but I am doing my best to look out for the City in every way possible. Sandy


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