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November 14, 2023 Hayden City Council Recap



Let’s take a look at the last meeting and see what decisions were made:

1. Consent Calendar A-BB- All 28 items were Passed 4-0

2. Public Comment- None

3.A. Ordinance Creating a Public Safety Commission- PASSED 3-1

We now have a Public Safety Commission in Hayden. This commission is intended to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and will recommend policies and procedures regarding law enforcement. While I do appreciate getting input and help in research from the citizens, I voted against this ordinance as written due to the lack of transparency and timeliness in reporting. The topic of law enforcement is one of the most important topics in the city and needs to be documented and very transparent. If you live in Hayden and are interested in being on this Commission, you can apply.

3.B. Hayden Urban Renewal District Expansion Open House Planning and 3.C. Welch Comer Engineers Professional Services Agreement for Hayden Urban Renewal District Expansion Open House- both passed 4-0

Regarding item 3.B. this open house will be on December 5 from 4-7 PM. Please come prepared with your questions. Item 3.C. was originally in the consent calendar and I asked for it to be moved into unfinished business before the agenda was posted so we could discuss it. I'm glad we did so because there were many details about this open house that we needed to discuss and get clarity on. I am hesitant to further this expansion and will write more about my thoughts on this in a future post.

4.A. Arts Commission Request for Support of Public Art in Roundabouts Project- Passed 4-0

The Arts Commission would like to look into art on roundabouts. No specific projects or funding was approved.

4.B. PZE-23-0142 One Place Church Annexation Request- Passed 4-0

One Place Church has a property on the NW corner of Prairie and Huetter. One Place Church wants to annex into the City of Hayden, and be able to connect to the sewer services in the future. We agreed to proceed but this is not the final approval.

4.C. Resolution to Remove Vehicle from Surplus List- Passed 4-0

We are keeping the old truck for now instead of selling it.

5. Calendar- Planning and Zoning was moved to November 27. There’s only one City Council meeting in December on the 12th.

6. Executive Session: We held an Executive session for about an hour discussing 3 topics all in Idaho Code 74-206(1)(f) regarding likely litigation.

So that’s my brief summary of the evening. Please feel free to contact me at

Sandy White

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