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Now that you can find meeting information and meeting dates on the website, I want to tell you how to communicate with your Hayden City Officials:

  1. Email: You can find the email addresses to your Hayden City Council members in the graphic below or on the website under Government. Feel free to write and let us know what you're thinking. This is the best way to communicate if something is on the agenda. My city email is SWhite@CityofHaydenID.US

  2. Public Comment: Early on in the Hayden City Council meetings there is usually a time for public comment. Fill out a special slip first and hand it to someone at the front. Someone will call on you and you will make your way to the podium. State your name and city you live in. Those 5 minutes are yours to let us know what you are thinking. Public comment can't generally be made on items that are on the agenda. Also, at this time the public comment is a forum for you to tell us what you are thinking and not a conversation.

  3. Public Hearing: You can speak about something on the agenda if it's part of a public hearing. A public hearing is a specific issue that has been noticed in the newspaper weeks earlier. Fill out a special slip first and hand it to someone at the front. Again, state your name, your city of residence, and your 5 minute comment.

  4. Coffee: If you'd like to talk over a cup of coffee please let me know in an Email.

  5. Go to City Hall: Generally, you can call or visit City Hall to get a quick answer about a zoning question or a technical question.

  6. Sometimes things move fast and that's when it's the hardest to communicate. Please, reach out by email. If it's really urgent then leave your phone number in your email.

  7. Just a reminder, any email to a Government official becomes a public record so only write things that you would feel comfortable seeing on the front page of the morning newspaper.

Please let me know if that was helpful. I'd love to hear from you. Sandy


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