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Stirring Up A Hornet's Nest

It seems that I’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest. When I was chosen to represent Hayden’s taxpayers on the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization board (KMPO), I stood up for some very important issues. The first issue was transparency. I have repeatedly tried to get filming the meetings on the agenda but to no avail. The second issue is the proposed Transportation Management Center (TMC). When I was appointed to the KMPO in January, I could tell right away that there’s a lot of potential for a TMC to become something that could grow into more bureaucracy, less freedom for the people, and higher taxes.

Standing strong on issues that are as high profile as this can bring opposition. The director of KMPO wrote a letter of complaint against those of us who have opposed a TMC so far. I have some indications that there are people who want to take my vote and my voice from me and my constituents. I need you, my friends in Hayden, to stand with me. Please come to the city council meeting if you can tonight (Tuesday, July 11, at 5 PM). Please write to me and let me know your thoughts at I would appreciate your prayers as I represent you, the people of Hayden, and do what I’m elected to do.

Don't you find it ironic that a board that wants to spend taxpayer money on traffic cameras isn’t willing to have their own meetings video taped for the sake of transparency?

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