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Sheriff Levy?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Almost one year ago, a majority of the voters in Hayden voted in favor of a $543,843 a year increase the "base budget" to support our "law enforcement". People generally don't vote yes to raise their own taxes unless they feel that the reason is compelling. Due to the fact that the advertising and meet-ups to bring awareness to the levy involved the Sheriff and his deputies, people may have been under the impression that this levy was exclusively for the support of the Sheriff.

Fast forward one year. This month we begin paying for the levy...perpetually. Also this month on October 10, 2023, three of your Hayden City Council members voted to implement yet again a citizen committee, but this time to research the feasibility of replacing the Sheriff with a local police department. I made a motion to delay the decision in order to have us actually talk to the Sheriff about his contract, to define what a what the goals and objectives of a citizen committee would be, and to give the citizens of Hayden more time to understand what was going on and to have a chance to give their input. That motion was not seconded and it passed speedily through.

I have made inquiries into the fate of our $543,843.00 perpetual levy and so far it seems that it's a Council decision. I'll post an update when I know more.

You can see the meeting and decision here:

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