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The Purple Cloud of Density

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I'm reposting this because the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) keeps coming up...

If we were able to turn back the clock about three years, we wouldn't have Mixed Use zoning forced over Hayden like a cloud of density. The FLUM exposes the ultimate goal that constantly hangs over already developed homes and neighborhoods. This was made plain by the 1,700 notice of zone change letters that were sent out over 2 years ago. I believe that local government has an important role to play, but they shouldn't be interfering with our private property by forcing already developed land into becoming something else.

Please take a look at the current Zone Map as well as the Future Land Use Map below and take note of Government Way and Hayden Avenue. The big difference along those main streets is the addition of Mixed Use. If this is rezoned, it won't need council approval to be redeveloped. This would be density that we would have no power to stop.

One of the things I campaigned on in 2021 was to stop the Future Land Use Map from completely changing the landscape and charm of the Hayden we know. As time goes on, though, distractions have come along that not only keep us from changing the FLUM, but are also making it more difficult to do so in the future. So, when you see me vote NO on something having to do with rezoning, please realize that I'm trying to protect the city from making the density reflected in the Future Land Use Map irreversible. Until I have more votes on the council, I am powerless to make the changes needed to protect the future of Hayden. There may not be a lot of building permits right now, but keep your eyes on the FUTURE. The problem has not been solved.

Another council member has presented a proposed FLUM in one meeting and has it floating around online, but I believe it has flaws and it has not been adopted by council. Again, the FLUM has not changed.

Elections matter.

Vote November 7

Visit for voter info

Sandy White

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