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Tuesday, April 4 Survey Workshop at 3PM

The members of the Hayden City Council will be discussing a survey that will probably be going out to the residents of Hayden soon. If you are interested to know what will be on the survey, then please feel free to come and hear what's going on. This is a workshop, so it will not be broadcast live or recorded and public comment will not be on the agenda. Feel free to write your city council members before the meeting if you have any suggestions for the survey. I will be giving my input in the meeting as to what should be on the survey because it will most likely be passed by the other council members, but I'm not convinced that this is the best use of the city's time and resources. Please don't get me wrong as I do care about what the people of Hayden think, but I'm concerned that this survey will prevent us from getting down to the real business of addressing the Future Land Use Map, among other things. If you want us to know what you think on city matters, you are always free to write to us and share your concerns...and that doesn't cost a thing!

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