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Tuesday Workshop at 2PM

This Hayden City Council workshop will focus on the results of the survey and the effect it will have on the 2040 Comp Plan and Future Land Use Map (FLUM)

Hayden City Hall

8930 N Government Way

Hayden, Idaho, 83835

This meeting is important to me because I've seen the FLUM as a threat to established homes in Hayden ever since I learned of it. Take a look at all of the purple/ Mixed Use zoning especially along Hayden Avenue and Government Way.

For the sake of transparency, I have asked repeatedly to have workshops like this recorded but I do not have the support of the other council members. So, much to my dismay, this meeting will not be video taped by the city. If you are concerned about the future of Hayden then please attend in person or watch it live online.

If you want to see the 2040 Comp Plan you can find it here:

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