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Danger Zone

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This was my first letter to the Hayden City Council after receiving a Notice of Zone Change letter:

April 26, 2021

Dear Mayor and Hayden City Council,

This is a travesty of justice. When my husband and I moved here 7 years ago we purchased a home on a quiet culdesac of single family dwellings. We have a 30 year mortgage on it. We were planning ahead for our future and hoped to have place where we could retire and not have to worry about housing costs increasing.

Last week we got a notice of Zone Change that says our old zone of Multi-Family is gone! It was yanked out from under us. We now are Mixed Use! I object to the three streets south of Hayden Avenue, (Dee, Macie, and Marigold), being rezoned in such a way. All three of those streets are established single family homes, mostly owner occupied, and are either culdesac’s or a loop with one way in and limited parking to allow growth.

Even if we are rezoned to Mixed Residential that does not protect us from developers and duplexes being built on our street due to the changes in land size requirements. Single Family Residential is the only zone I would accept right now for that matter. The zoners obviously have not driven our streets to see that we are just nice family neighborhoods and we don’t want to be disturbed.

I’ve talked to most of our neighbors and they are confused by the wording of the letter and think that if they just ignore it they will stay Multi Family. The letter does not give us our choices or clearly state the repercussions of decisions.

We have not been informed how the new zones will affect our taxes. How will this affect our resale value? Will we be forced to move to widen Hayden Avenue? Why are unelected people being allowed to make permanent changes that affect our lives like this?

I would like to see this whole plan go back to the drawing board as doing all of this rezoning out from under people is unconscionable. We have made real plans for our own future and don’t want to see those destroyed by the imaginary plans being made for the imaginary masses who might want to move to metro Hayden in the future. Rezone the undeveloped land, not the developed land! This has to end.


Sandra White

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1 Comment

Excellent letter! We have the same concerns regarding the growth here in Hayden. You have our vote!

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