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January 23 Hayden City Council Meeting

January 23, 2024


8930 N Government Way, Hayden

There are some important items on the agenda. The 3A is also known as Stone Creek. 4B is for a Planned Unit on the west side of town.

Please come and take part in the meeting. I really appreciate everyone who comes.

Sandy White

3.A. ACTION ITEM Trailridge Subdivision Acceptance of Final Plat and Infrastructure

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4.A. PZE-22-0129 Trail Creek Estates

4.A.i. ACTION ITEM Private Street Request for the Proposed Trail Creek Estates Subdivision

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4.A.ii. ACTION ITEM Consider PZE-22-0129 Trail Creek Estates Preliminary Plat

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4.B. ACTION ITEM PZE-23-0140 Hayden Sky Preliminary Planned Unit Development Request

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