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Precinct 318- Voter information and Signs for the May 16 election...

I live in a part of Hayden that is designated as Precinct 318. I have a map here that shows approximately where it is. Basically, its between Dakota and Honeysuckle and between Ramsey and Government Way. The voting location for Precinct 318 is Hayden Bible Church at 290 E Miles. I am your elected Precinct Committeeman and my job is to be a liaison between the Republicans in my precinct and the Republican Central Committee. So, you may see me walking or driving down your street to give you voter information. Leisure Park and Heatherstone are part of my precinct and out of respect for their no solicitation policy I'm not able to come to your door without an invitation. So if you live in a retirement community in Hayden and want voter information please email me at I'm also looking for people who are willing to put a sign for a Republican Candidate in your yard to contact me. I especially need homes on main streets. Signs should be available soon so please let me know. Love, Sandy

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