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Running for Re-Election in Precinct 318

Updated: Apr 25

About Sandy

  • My husband, Alan, and I have been married for 43 years. We have 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

  • I’m a true conservative & support the Idaho Republican Party Platform.

  • On March 2, 2024, I coordinated 55 volunteers to run a successful Republican Presidential Caucus for 6 precincts.

  • I have not affiliated with Democrats or liberal “Republican” groups.

  • I currently serve you on the Hayden City Council.

What Does A PC Do?

Your PC is an elected official who represents you and your neighbors on the county’s Republican central committee. A PC should:

  • Vote on policies and resolutions at monthly committee meetings.

  • Help recruit and recommend candidates.

  • Deliver election information directly to Republican voters like you.

Stop The Takeover:

The May 21 election for Precinct Committeemen (PC) is crucial. The establishment Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) in Boise have committed to spending over a million dollars across the state on campaigns to remove the incumbent PCs. Their ultimate goal is to remove true conservatives from party leadership so they can advance RINO candidates and weaken the party platform. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to keep our county’s Republican committee focused on your interests?

  • Do you want our county’s Republican committee to continue to recommend proven conservative candidates?

  • Do you want a PC without ties to left-leaning groups like DART (Democrats and Republicans Together) and the North Idaho “Republicans”?

I Would Appreciate Your Vote On May 21


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