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Serving as Precinct 318 Committeeman

March 2, 2024 we held the Idaho Republican Caucus at Grace Bible Church serving precincts 312, 316, 317, 318, 321, & 322. We were one of 210 Caucus locations around Idaho and had 16 poll books, 55 volunteers, and 510 voters. It was a glorious day with paper poll books, real ID, signatures, paper ballots, and hand counting. It was all done and reported in one day with no cost to the taxpayer. Many thanks to all of my volunteers for all of their hard work and smiles. Thank you to Grace Bible Church for opening their doors to us after being turned down by other suitable locations. It was an honor to serve Precinct 318 as well as others and to see 452 votes come in for Donald Trump. Many thanks to all who came and participated in spite of the snow!


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